Playing Poker in IndonesiaGambling in Indonesia is illegal. Over eighty percent of the population is Muslim with their religion dictating that gambling is not allowed. However, that being said, most sporting events do have gambling occurring at them, and poker does take place with gambling, in Indonesia. People who choose to gamble at any event, whether it is in someone’s home, or at an underground casino do so at their own risk, and are breaking the local law.

Recently there was a poker bust that occurred in Indonesia, Residents of a house were stormed by the local police after it came to their attention that a server that claimed to be American, was actually originating in Indonesia. The man in his seventies was running an online poker site from his bedroom in his home. Forty computers were seized along with two flat screen televisions, and two servers that he used to run his online poker site. He was employing eleven assistants who were also arrested.

Being found guilty of illegal gambling, including playing on fulltiltpoker, in Indonesia is punishable at minimum by caning. In one year seven women and fifteen men were caned with a one meter long rattan cane with a crowd of thousands watching as the punishment was dealt for illegal gambling. The maximum sentence if found guilty of the crime of gambling though, is a ten years in a prison.

Most poker games are held and played at underground casinos. These are illegal and frequently raided by the police. While there are no online poker sites that cater to just Indonesian people, many are finding it safer to play on a world wide site to satisfy their gambling craving, instead of risking arrest and caning. However, it is still recommended to use a proxy server when accessing these sites from Indonesia, as there has been more and more of a crack down on finding those that play online.

There are also underground internet café’s that allow the people there to access internet poker, and any other form of gambling. Again one takes a risk when choosing to play anywhere in Indonesia of the police finding out and raiding the building without warning.

International poker sites that let Indonesian natives to download fulltiltpoker and play, are run in places where the Indonesian government and authorities have no jurisdiction and therefore the people can not be arrested. However if found out that you were playing online poker it is the same offence as being found at a casino, and punishable by the same no gambling laws. Most betting in Indonesia through online gambling is made in American dollars and the sites allowing Indonesians to play are primarily in English.

Even with poker being against the law to play in Indonesia, some very well known poker players have come from this country. Most well known Indonesian player is Johnson “John” Juanda, who now resides in the United States instead. By the year 2009 his winnings had exceeded nine million dollars from playing various poker tournaments, including ones in Australia and Europe.